Φιλοσοφικής Δεσμώτης Vol. 4 (Filosofikis Desmotis/ Bound By The Great Philosophers’ Stoned School)

Η μεγάλη των Φιλοσόφων Σχολή

Look, with what shameful torture I am racked and must wrestle throughout the countless years of time apportioned me. Such is the ignominious bondage the new commander of the blessed has devised against me. Woe! Woe! For present misery and misery to come I groan, not knowing where it is fated that deliverance from these sorrows shall arise.
And yet, what am I saying? All that is to be I know full well and in advance, nor shall any affliction come upon me unforeseen. I must bear my allotted doom as lightly as I can, knowing that the might of Necessity permits no resistance.Yet I am not able to speak nor be silent about my fate. For it is because I bestowed good gifts on mortals that this miserable yoke of constraint has been bound upon me. I hunted out and stored in fennel stalk the stolen source of fire that has proved a teacher to mortals in every art and a means to mighty ends. Such is the offence for which I pay the penalty, riveted in fetters beneath the open sky.
Ha! Behold! What murmur, what scent wings to me, its source invisible, heavenly or human, or both? Has someone come to this crag at the edge of the world to stare at my sufferings—or with what motive? Behold me, an ill-fated god, chained, the foe of Zeus, hated of all who enter the court of Zeus, because of my very great love for mankind. Ha! What’s this? What may be this rustling stir of birds I hear again nearby? The air whirls with the light rush of wings. Whatever approaches causes me alarm.

The Daughters of Oceanus enter on a winged car
Prometheus Bound, [95-125]

Dear Sir,
Pardon my English. I am of Italian ancestry. My father is from Sicily and my mother is from Florence. We all share the disability to pronounce «h». Therefore, we always say to American friends «Au do you do? Eeere is some good salami». And when we are angry, everyone can go to «ell» instead of «hell».
Erasmus brought me to Athens. Blessed may he be, he and his loose accent of anicent greek. Athens. The city of wisdom and owls. Coming to think of it, these people are far from wise. Oh, Lady of Athens, oh, my bright eyed glaux, my Goddess, my Goddess, why hast thou forsaken them? The Greeks that is.
When I first came here I weirdly became interested in learning all the dirty words. I went down to where university students hang out, to the blessed and cursed district of Exarchia. I had a lot of rakimelo and a bunch of bearded guys taught me all the useful stuff, mouni and puzza, cavliaris and cavliara, and something totally useless which translates the Monty Python quote «my hovercraft is full of eels». This line is unequally enormous in modern greek and it goes like this «Se thelo sto stoma mu tora pame na me kses-kisses».

My duties are pretty lucid here. I advise students on their studies. I want to thank you on that matter, I never believed an Erasmus semester could give such an experience to a professor of my kind. Yet last week came the unexpected tragedy. While strolling around the Univerisity of Athens campus, I murmured all those dirty words I had just learned. Another beared guy attacked me; he said he was an undergrad in the Great Philosophers’ School, but to me he looked like a theologist. He had this divine gaze, which was simultaneously wicked, wise and perverted. He brought out a vicious speech about me murmuring the bad words and that I should never say them again because there is a rapist that annoys women in the Great Philosophers’ School of Athens padadi padada. «Do you know where he is?» I asked him half joking half interested. He said I would find him at the main entrance of the School. I didn’t believe a word and whispered the nonsense phrase with the eels. He got so angry and departed in rage.

The following day though, which is today, I was asked by the Head of the School here to give my advice. They sensed that there actually was a rapist, whose name they were not sure of. And that secret polizia was trying to figure out a way to track him down, because a series of complaints was being made by innocent students of the School. The Professors’ Union was obliged to help them poor girls and deprive the University of fear and darkness. «Peace and harmony must prevail» said the Head. I wondered vaguely on the subject and then the Head’s secretary rushed in to inform us on an unexpected incident. She was so anxious and breathed out in greek that it took place in the schools student dormitory. A domestic violence disciplinary hearing was arranged, and it is a sordid, ugly mess. We can’t go home until the committee decides on the penalty… A girl and a boy. The girl’s name I do not remeber, yet the boy’s name is Eleuftherios.

They both hit each other and made all kinds of sexual insults. It has been awful. The guy deserves suspension, but the girl is crazy and very messed up. Do you happen to know whether suspension is actually a possibilty in Greece? Oh Athena, holy wisdom, why hast thou forsaken them Greeks? I have little sympathy for either of them. Now I am just waiting here for the executioner, writing this hurried email to you and the heat is off in the building!
I do not know whether it has been Eros or Love, the sole information I got was that the guy used tons of dirty words; his family has attempted cleansing his language output, but did not succeed at all. Both the girl and Eleftherios have been so violent it is a pity.
Unfortunately Eros does contain a lot of violence… I don’t know what I could do, the guy definitely deserves suspension, one can not hit another in any sensible way. But on the other hand, do Love and Eros contain any sensibilty at all? It is exactly, permanently and eternally awful and crazy for both sides. At least, with the heat off the building, they are in heat.
Let me think about it a bit more. Do they love each other?
Eros, no, there is no sense to it, and yes there is an undercurrent of violence — but Love, I hope, is different. The poor girl wants him sent away, but wants his attention. She just got within his view and pretended to faint . I am so tired of the drama.
Ah, the verdict is arrving! Finally!
They are letting him stay! I am surprised. And if she contacts him, SHE will be suspended. This is cruel. It is an odd war. Not even a cold war. The girl is wild out of her mind still wanting his … love (?) and she is not in control of herself (I can recognize that when I see it!). She will likely contact him tonight and get suspended, even though she is the one with the bruises. I don’t think this is Eros or love for these two, though, it’s just power, domination, control. Just a matter of who will bind whom, who will constipate, bondage and tie down whom, just to keep the person bound down, underneath this weird Philosophers’ School stone.
Madonna mia!
Yours truly,
Carlotta Ferlinghetti


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