The Dark Side Of The Moon

I Follow You To The Dark Side
Said the Doctor K.T. before hanging up.

How many times each of us has not developed a personal communication with the Μoon? I mean, she’s there, staring questionably. How many times we personalize the Μoon as our best friend, or our worst enemy, that ardent hope, or that secret love? How many songs have been written in the name of the Μoon? What does she actually represent? Is she just a satellite planet of the earth, necessary for our existence and Eco balance?

All these thoughts were running through my mind one summer night on my way back to New York, after an enjoyable and amusing day in Long Island, when I was staring at the clear sky and its permanent guest, the Μoon. Many can ask «after such a great day, how come you had all these irrelevant thoughts?» My mind was running its way through the heavy rails of New York. Why? Honestly, I do not really know, but I consider the retrogression to primitive instincts and thoughts after intense experienced emotions either positive or negative, a noteworthy characteristic of human nature.

Then, unexpectedly, I whispered «I follow you». It was an instinctual thought of inexplicable origin. Immediately and sharply a storm of thoughts and parallel arguments emerged and started to build and clarify this notion; our world is dark and futile. At the end of the day the outcome is the same for everyone. That small and quiet piece of land. No matter how clever or stupid, decent or disgraceful, rich or poor you are, death is the common outcome. Based on this unquestionable truth, humans tried and still keep toiling to compromise with that by either not thinking of it, making plans for the future or lastly pretending to be ignorant or naive.

A motivation is clearly needed in order to beat the boring everyday life and routine. A vision, a dream that will preserve the sparkle of personal hopes and aspirations, is highly important, if not a prerequisite, for a not swinging and aberrant life, an enjoyable peregrination through life. A dream for the day. In the middle of the night all fears and insecurities will emerge from the subconscious and remind you how vulnerable and helpless we human beings are. Darkness and night become the symbols of the futility of our existence. The antidote, the self-defensive mechanisms to these factors, that work in order to alleviate the stress, are the hope and the strong motivations to move forward, to overcome our trivial nature. That dream for the day.

Your personal goals and aspirations turn into being your followers, your co-travelers during the night. They are the only bright and lighting items in the dead of the night; they are the Μoon in your bleak sky. She is always there for you. As the Moon eternally accompanies you, she’s making you feel less lonely and helpless. Pulling up your visions, hopes, aspirations and expectations she is the bright side of your dark night. That little humming blackbird singing, taking your broken wings and teaching you how to fly. The Μoon represents the hope, the optimism, the courage, and finally life. Gathering all your subconscious darkness and bringing out all colours and brightness.

Therefore, each time I look at the Μoon is like staring at the darkness of my soul where my secret and ardent aspirations keep the light on and the hope alive. Following the Μoon is like following your aspirations and dreams.

Said the Doctor K.T. and hung up.


4 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of The Moon

  1. Nightage moondream, paraphrasing David Bowie’s song / κατά παράφραση του τραγουδιού του David Bowie.

    Το ξέρω ότι ήταν υπερβολικό το αγγλικό σχόλιο -αλλά ήθελα να το κάνω.

  2. Πού είναι ο Δαβίδ ο Δεύτερος εντωμεταξύ;
    Η υπερβολή σου είναι απολαυστική πάντα Jorn, κηπ απ δε γκουντ ουέρκ!
    Άλλωστε και το κείμενο το γαρ πολύ το γέννησε, ωσάν παραφροσύνη.

  3. Παράθεμα: Στα Δάση της Νύχτας « Τα Νέα του Βελγίου


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